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Found on Etsy! Old Stool $64.98 here.

Look at this great treasure I spotted while surfing Etsy!  It’s a green 1940’s rustic stool ladder combination. Lathered in old green paint it’s simply chic just the way it is. It’s offered by The Painted Lady Antiques from  Antioch, Illinois.  The green reminds me of a mix between a farmhouse and a breath of the country.   Can’t you just smell the apple pie baking?  To think I spend hours with chalk paint trying to get something to look old, and this is simply stunning how it is.  

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Garnet Earrings from Etsy

Vicver offers these garnet studs in 8K $43.31

Vicver   , an Etsy shop offers jewelry and today’s highlight is the garnet and gold jewelry they offer.  Garnet is the birthstone of January.  Capricons are born in January. Probably what you don’t know about the garnet is that it’s actually mined in a rainbow of colors. From a bright orange to the green tsavorite garnet, but the most popular is the red.  Here I have highlighted the red garnet jewelry available in their UK Etsy shop.

garnet pendant from Etsy shop

Garnet Pendant (8ct yellow gold/8.0mm/0.60grams) $45.32 via Vicver

Resume Templates from Bold Stationary

Resume Templates in Black, White and Grey, only $15 from Bold Stationery on Etsy.

These colors, black, white and grey from Bold Stationery on Etsy, scream confidence and power. This is just the type of resume template someone needs to land that new job. Professional, streamlined and easy to read employers will love the look and think you did this all by yourself….but really, with a little help from A.J.’s Etsy shop.

Modern resume Template on Etsy

The shop has a huge inventory of items, from media kits to planner templates, but my favorite are the bold resumes with colors of black, white and grey.  This color palette looks  sharp, elegant and eye catching. This shop offers instant downloadable media kits, templates for any business documents you may need,  business card templates etc.  Everything is instant download. This is a great shop and the prices are affordable. The owner of the shop runs the website which gives all kinds of PhotoShop hints and tricks.  Go check out these great items at

Editors Pick:

Media Kit Template

Editors Note: Although above I give you the best resume suggestions, this Media Kit Template is a definite add on for only  $15. I love the look of it!  Find these under the Media Kits/Press Kits tab.


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White Enid Collins Purse From Etsy Shop TheVintageHandbag

Vintage Enid Collins Purses from TheVintageHandbag $68

The Vintage Handbag  on Etsy offers many cool vintage purses and handbags, which they say are “Fun, Flirty & Fabulous.”  We could not agree more!   They have a large selection of
Enid Collins & Collins of Texas Handbags, and authentic Enid Collins replacement beads.  The shop is run by JK,an interior designer from Tucson, AZ, who collects them , displays them and sells them!

Vintage Enid Collins Cable Car Handbag from TheVintageHandbag on Etsy

Vintage Enid Collins Cable Car Handbag from TheVintageHandbag on Etsy $68

Enid Collins Handbag $40 on Etsy

This Enid Collins Handbag is missing one handle and on sale for $40

The shop also features a wide variety of jewelry, hand-tooled purses and more! Check them out on Etsy!

The Vintage Handbag

Pink Wall Art Cat by PRINTABLELOVEArt on Etsy

Cat wall art by Pink Wall Art Cat by PRINTABLELOVEArt on Etsy $5.01

Think Pink!

Artist Ilanit Shamia has incredible Etsy wall art PRINTABLELOVEArt . These designs we have selected are only $5.01 for instant download. You simply click, pay, print thanks to Etsy’s instant download system. Here we have featured our favorite PINK wall art designs available from her shop.

Pink Flamingo is lovely at $5.01 instant downloadable wall art here. 

Ilanit is an artist from Tel Aviv who creates whimsical designs with a modern flair. She attended art college in Tel Aviv and has her work featured in art collections.  She spent three years writing a style column for a newspaper.    Now her work is available to the USA and abroad with the click of a button!

Printable Inspirational Wall Art by Printable Love Art  on Etsy.

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