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Blue Crocheted Bear Jubel Handmade

Adorable Blue Bear Etsy

$25.95 USD make this little bear a good buy, it’s eco friendly and built with love !

Little blue crochet teddy bear is so adorable at 19 cm tall made by two friends from Australia.  Found on Etsy at Jubel Handmade!  Stuffed with a bamboo blend they use eco friendly materials are offer handmade creations built to last. Currently you will find all kinds of cute critters but soon they will be making accessories in the near future…

Green Crocheted Jacket

lovely sea green vintage shawl jacket

Sea green crocheted shawl jacket

This vintage green crocheted jacket, cape or shawl is the best sea green you ever did see. Reminds me of the beach, the old 1950’s sea green paint you see on old buildings. Get it at One Crazy Shopper Gurl on Etsy, currently priced at  $19.00.


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