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Autism Rainbow Sensory Board Felt Shapes and Colors

Autisum Board on Etsy

Autism Sensory board

Hey, look at this, what a great idea coming from EmyLiaStone on Etsy, who has this Autism Sensory board for only $20.00.  The board is poster sized and enhances the sensory play!  It has Velcro holding colorful rainbow shapes in bright colors for sensory seeking children!  What a great idea! See the board here.

Handmade Greeting Cards by Anastasia Pruce

handmade birthday card etsy

Handmade Greeting Cards by Anastasia Pruce on Etsy are lovely and colorful.

Etsy shop Anastasia Cards has all home made greeting cards. They are made with color, love, buttons and baubles and appear in any color palette. The one above, is $10 and full of rainbows for your special birthday greeting. Anastasia Pruce, the artist, is from Wellington, New Zealand. We think these are a great idea rather than spending $6-$10 in your local retailer for mass produced cards. A one of a kind handmade gives such a nicer touch…

Cute Little Canvases Colorful Papercraft

This post hand curated by Design-Swag!

Cute Little Canvases on Etsy

Photo: Cute Little Canvases Shop on Etsy  has these decoupage Lotka bottles 

I simply love the colorful creations in Etsy shop “Cute Little Canvases” . What you are looking at here are unique and custom made decoupaged Lotka bottles. Each one is one of a kind and all are very colorful. If you are looking for a particular color this should be no problem as the shop owner Danielle has them in every color of the rainbow.  Bottles average $20-$25 affordable, and are simply adorable.

Her feedback is lovely and these bottles would look simply lovely with a single rose or even a fake flower on your desk or in your design studio.  Add some color to your life! Feel good about owning an upcycled bottle!

Connect with her on Facebook and Twitter also!

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