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Pink Hippo Faux Taxidermy on Etsy

NearAndDeer on Etsy Pink Hippo

Don’t worry, no actual hippos were harmed in the making of this PINK faux taxidermy Hippo head.  Made out of fine resin and has been hand painted light pink, it stands over 17″ tall!  If you don’t want a pink hippo (why wouldn’t you…) you can custom choose colors!  Find them on Etsy at shop NearandDeer, made by Rick & Lindsay  out of Stewartstown, PA.  If the hippo is not for you, try the bison or buffalo. We highly recommend it!

Roses Mirror by Katy Halford Pretty in Pink

Katy Halford Etsy Shop Pic: Katy Halford Etsy Shop
What lovely novelty item or gift idea for girls is this? A pretty pink handmade “you smell like roses” mirror by designer Katy Halford on Etsy. This adorable compact is
made with a print of her original illustration! This lovely and cutesy design makes the best stocking stuffer, novelty gift or birthday card topper!  Only $5.04 in Katy Halford Etsy shop. Find this mirror and more designs in the gifts section!



Pink Mouse Kids Pink Maxi Dress

Mini Dress on Etsy Pink Mouse Kids

This adorable Princess in Pretty Pink Maxi Dress is handmade by PinkMouseKids on Etsy. Priced at only $49 for a 2T you can actually size it up to a Girl’s 14 for only $69. It’s pretty and full of ruffles, and we love it in pink. Simply perfect for the little princess in your life!   Handmade by shop owner Karyn in the USA, she also sells matching slippers, necklaces, you name it. What a way to accessorize!  You can find this listing here.

Pink Numbers Numerals for Crafting or Birthday Party Decorations!

pink numbers or pink letters on etsy

I love these pink numbers, great for crafting. This is a lot of 100 die cuts that you can use in your art, mixed media, or collage. In fact, these would be great to do crafts with the kids!  You can select your character, numeral, greek number, or whatever you need.  In this case, you can also choose any color, not just pink, and all are printed on 65 lb cardstock.

Fun Craft Ideas:

For a child’s 5th birthday party you could order the number 5, and make decorations and goodie bags with the number 5 on them!

You could do the letter L for Larry’s Birthday party favors!

Order a combination of letters L in Purple, I in White and Z in Orange to spell out that special kid’s name  LIZ and make handmade party invites!

What a great idea! These are only $3 per 100 pcs your choice of color at KellysArtandDesign!  Listing is here.

Pink Roses Petal and Sprig


pink miniature roses print on etsy

Petal and Sprig lovely miniature rose print, $10!

Update May 2017, Petal and Sprig is no longer active on Etsy but these are just exampels of the cute things we’ve found.

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Petal and Sprig has a keen eye for all things beautiful, namely floral photography. These lovely and lively colorful prints are priced around $10 for a 4×6 which you can arrange by color to suit your decor in your home.  These little pink miniature roses would look great to bring life to my hallway. Just lovely.   Check out their shop for more great items.

Buy Pink Hair on Etsy Nina’s Creative Couture

Pink Hair

Photo Credit: Nina’s Creative Couture on Etsy handmade extensions.

That’s right, I didn’t stutter, pink hair is in. It’s fabulous and fashion worthy. You can find extensions that take a moment to pop in and out for that hip and trendy look in no time flat. If you want star hair, boom you got it. Change up the colors, there’s plenty of colors in stock. Nina’s Creative Couture on Etsy is the place to go; all feature Ombre hair dyes and take up to three days to make. She doesn’t use junk extensions or Remy/China stuff. It’s the real deal. And oh so pretty….in pink!

Pink Coral Handmade Ring Sterling Silver


Pink Coral Sterling Ring on Etsy This gorgeous pink coral handmade ring can be made in your size by sterling silver jewelry artist Catherine Marissa, in her shop on Etsy only $24.


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