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Blue Robot Card At Lemonhead Press

Vintage Robot Card Lemonhead Press

Land of the Old Fashioned Toys?  This Robot Card is $4 from Lemonhead Press on Etsy

Back in the retro era children were into tiny robots. Some were metal, and later plastic, most took batteries and really moved. Destroyed by overplay, should you find the robot in great condition he may be worth a mint.  Remembering bygone eras always puts a smile on my face, and so when I found this adorable and cute handmade card from Etsy shop Lemonhead Press, I just thought it was great to feature in the blue section today!

The shop designer/owner/curator is Katie Gonzalez, who runs her shop from Homestead, FL and many more greeting card designs are available.


Handmade Greeting Cards by Anastasia Pruce

handmade birthday card etsy

Handmade Greeting Cards by Anastasia Pruce on Etsy are lovely and colorful.

Etsy shop Anastasia Cards has all home made greeting cards. They are made with color, love, buttons and baubles and appear in any color palette. The one above, is $10 and full of rainbows for your special birthday greeting. Anastasia Pruce, the artist, is from Wellington, New Zealand. We think these are a great idea rather than spending $6-$10 in your local retailer for mass produced cards. A one of a kind handmade gives such a nicer touch…

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